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Allison and Catherine Pierce, two sisters riding around on a magic carpet

Hello Everyone!

I know things have been quiet for a while now, but that’s because we’ve been working really hard on something special for you. There were shackles to escape and a couple of dragons to slay, but we are finally free and clear. We have a new deal with Polydor Records in London and we have a new album on it’s way!!!

We’ve missed you all but we’ve had an amazing time writing and recording our new music. The new album is produced by The Darktones which is made up of Guy Berryman from Coldplay and Grammy award winning producer, Rik Simpson. We really, really love the way it’s turned out and we can’t wait for you to hear it!

You have all been terribly patient, so we have something to tide you over until the record comes out. Here is an acoustic version of one of our new songs, “Love You More”. We also have a video for the studio version of this song coming for you very soon. It was shot in the desert in the dead of Summer so this video is HOT! Literally šŸ™‚

We love you and we are so happy to be back!

For more check back to our new official website –!

Love & Revenge,
The Pierces


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  ML wrote @

I’m happy to ear you again, I’m really excited for the new song!

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