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Allison and Catherine Pierce, two sisters riding around on a magic carpet

The Pierces Pettyfest 2009

Tons of photos here and a recap on the night




  OMG. wrote @


  HETHER wrote @

The man of my dreams just introduced me to you ardorable girls…you are amazing, unforegettable, touching, loving…amazing…I ADORE YOU!!! xoxoxoxo

  Jerzy Stanislavski wrote @

Hello, will you came to Russia?

  Enakyalloma wrote @

I highly enjoyed reading your blogpost, keep up writing such interesting stuff.

  Klubas wrote @

C´mon to the czech republic!

  Jem wrote @

Michael Brauer informed in Twitter: Guy Berryman(coldplay) & Rik Simpson(CP engineer) producing the upcoming Pierces record.
Please update your site and write about new album. It’s very interesting for fans.

Respectfully yours, fan.

  Tonio wrote @

What are you becoming??
No news! Just can’t wait your come back!!

  Kübra wrote @

I just wanna say that I love your music. It’s great. Incredible. Love.

PS: Would you come to Germany please? (:

  JessKitty wrote @

omfg <3<3<3<3<3<3!!!
I just discovered "pretty Little Liars" tonight & loved the theme song which lead me here. I love you ladies, you're "13 Tales" album is amazing, I adore it so very much. Keep up the awesome work!

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