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Allison and Catherine Pierce, two sisters riding around on a magic carpet

Catherine Pierce on Etsy

Catherine’s message on Facebook:  “Hello Buddies! I have just put my paintings for sale online. Please have a look. Become an art collector!!! You need a hobby 🙂



  Mikey wrote @

Hey, what’s with the creepy link that says it’s about Christian television but is really a bunch of anti-health-care-reform and anti-Obama shite?

“Automatically generated” my ass.

(pardon my surprise when I clicked on that link)

  Michelle wrote @

LMFAO what link did u end up clicking on?? hahaha
i found the etsy just fine haha

  Meg wrote @

I love this painting! I just discovered your group on Pandora and was curious so Google the band name and found myself here. I love the haunting sound and amazing harmonies. Keep it up.

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