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Allison and Catherine Pierce, two sisters riding around on a magic carpet

Time to Pretend

We did a little cover of one of our favorite songs, Time to Pretend by MGMT, with the very talented Gonzales for the French TV show Taratata.

Picture 5
Looks like it aired on TV last night.  If you missed it, has it up on their website.  Click.  Thank you ML for sharing it with us.



  Cédric wrote @

Hi girls,

I am from Belgium and I saw your show on Taratata.
That was just amazing!!!

I’ve even never heard anything about your music before but I totally fell in love with it.

I’ve bought “Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge” and am just listening again and again all day long without skipping any song. (I must confess my two favourite songs are Secret and Stick & Stones).

You both are just doing it well.
Keep going’
You kill!

Love ya,

One of your belgian fan,
Cédric 😉

  Craig wrote @

Amazing cover! Please come back to NY!

  carthago wrote @

So um… You guys are gonna perform in Malaysia soon right?

Possibly? Maybe?

=O( Damn.

Anyhow you guys rock! But then you already knew that =O)

Hope to one day see you live,

  MC wrote @

I’m so proud of you guys! I’m so pissed that I missed this! thanks for posting the link ! I love your version of “Tonight, you belong to me”

simply amazing

  Hélène wrote @

Je ne me lasse pas de vous entendre. Le déclic se fût sur le plateau de Taratata. Votre reprise de Time to pretend était sublimissime 🙂
Bonne continuation =) ++

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