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Allison and Catherine Pierce, two sisters riding around on a magic carpet

NY :: Taratata on Fri ::

Hello Dearies,

We are playing next Wednesday at The Studio @ Webster Hall with our good friends Hymns! Gonna be a great show according to our crystal ball. If you are in New York or anywhere near, we expect to see you there. We have one fan flying in from Texas…so you really have no excuse! You won’t be disappointed…we promise.

Wed June 24
The Studio at Webster Hall
125 E 11th St
New York NY
buy tix

Also if you are one of our friends in France, our episode of Taratata will be airing this Friday! Tune in!

France Radio 2 on June 19
France Radio 4 on July 10

And, we just saw that MTV and VH1 have put our video for “Turn on Billie” up on their site. The more you watch it and leave comments on here, the more love we’ll get from them, so click here and watch it over and over and tell your friends!

We love you all and hope to see you very soon.
Love & Revenge!
The Pierces



  My daily mirror wrote @

Yipee ! Good to know that Taratata will be aired soon.

  Stan wrote @

Hey Allison & Catherine,
We filmed your last gig in paris, here’s the video
Hope, you’ll enjoy it ! Cheers girls !

  andrea wrote @

loved it, thanks!

  itsjaimegarcia wrote @

Hi Catherine and Allison! I hope you guys release an album soon because I love your new songs you have been playing live. I am in love with “I Shot My Lover In The Head” hahaha. Love you guys! Follow me on twitter or email me!

Love & Revenge

  Norah wrote @

After watching live performances of “Technology” and “I shot my lover in the head” on youtube, I have two very important questions.

#1 When can I buy studio recordings of these songs?!

#2 When is the next show in Los Angeles?! (’cause I’ll be there. with bells on.)

Thank you.

  ML wrote @

Here are the vids @ taratata:


*Boring w/ Gonzales +lil interview:

And i hope france will see you again soon!

  tana wrote @

I’d constantly would replay ‘sticks & stones’ in my room & my younger brother would turn it off & put on lil wayne ….he says my taste in music is lame.But today I walked in my room & I find my brother on the computer listening to “Turn on Billie”…..& there akward silence he looks at me n says WHAT!!my reply is” nothin” I close the door n he singing the song ,plus he actually knows the words…..hehe…I dont even know all the words!

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